Friday, October 23, 2009

Chapter 3

*soooo im gettin some feedback on this story which im enhjoying ;) im thinking of making up a little video promo/introduction sort of thing for this one, nothing huge, but maybe to get some people reading and following :) I hope ya's enjoy this chapter, it's not majorly exciting but i still think you will find it enjoyable XD*

The past few weeks I have not seen Max. I have talked to him a bit, but he just called to see how I was. I didn’t tell him the honest truth, because I was falling apart.

This next week was a big homestand for Pittsburgh so they were going to be around for a while, which means, Max has made his decision, well I hope he has.

*Max’s POV*

We just got to Pittsburgh. My stomach was turning, I’ve never been nervous like this before. I still hadn’t made a decision. I had talked to both of them since being gone, and honestly Jor was still rooting for Julie, Fleury knew too, and he honestly adored Julie, no one else on the team knew, I had to be careful, if it got to the media…I would be screwed.

I walked into Mellon Arena and got ready for a short practice since last night’s loss to the Rangers. I looked at my phone as I sat down in my stall, Liz had called, she must have done her thinking, but I realized, I haven’t done any myself…

*Julie’s POV*

I sat on my couch curled up in a warm blanket while watching “A Walk to Remember”. Saddest movie ever. I was balling by the end of it. I wiped my eyes and got up to grab myself some coffee, when I heard my phone go off. I froze.

I sat there watching it ring. It stopped, indicating they hung up, but they tried again, I knew it was Max, he was very determined even when making a phone call. I finally grabbed it off the couch, sat down and put the blanket over me.

“Hi” I said answering.
“Hey” he said, “um, were back in Pittsburgh”
“That’s good” I said, I didn’t know what he wanted me to say.
“Liz called”
I just sat there silent for a minute, preparing myself for what could come next.
“And?” I said quietly.
“I missed the call, I’m going over to talk to her”
I was flipping through the channels when I landed on FSN. Some hockey game highlights were on and then…the dreaded happened.


I nearly dropped my phone and let out a small gasp.

“Max…” I said.
“Something wrong?” he asked.
“They--they--kn--they know” I whispered.
“Who knows what babe?” he asked.

I put the phone up to the tv so he could hear what they were saying. I finally put it back up to my ear and I heard a sigh.

“Who would have said something?” he sounded like he was asking himself.
“Who else knows?” I asked him surprisingly.
“Only Liz, Jor and Fleury” he replied, “Liz wouldn’t, she wouldn’t want the attention, and the guys, just aren’t like that, they would never sell me out Julie”
I just sat silent, I didn’t think anyone else knew…
“I need to go talk to Liz. Maybe that’s why she called” he said anxiously.
“Call me after” I said.

He hung up quickly and I just set my phone down slowly. I grabbed my laptop and quickly looked at the latest sports headlines. Sure enough, it was already around.




“Holy shit” I whispered to myself putting my hand over my mouth.

There were pictures and everything. Us in his car, at Diesel that night, and even him coming into the apartment. I thought we were subtle after I found out about his marriage, how did someone find out and why did they wait that long to leak all of this? Who would be heartless enough to do such a thing?

I was getting phone calls and texts like crazy now. My best friends, my sister, my parents. How would I face them again? How was I supposed to respond to this? I grabbed it seeing a text from Ally, my sister.

“What the hell is going on Julie?” was all she put.
I tried to play innocent, “what are you talking about?” I texted back.
“Don’t play innocent with me little sister, what the hell are you doing fooling around with a married man?”

I dialled her number and decided to call her instead. I couldn’t explain it all in a text.

“Ally, he never told me he was married until I had already fallen for him. He never wore his ring when he was at the club. It just never phased me as a possibility!”
“Well why didn’t you leave after you found out? Find someone else you could fall in love with, who wasn’t married!”
“I’m sorry” I started choking up, “I couldn’t let him go, I was in love. I still am…”
“How is she going to react when she finds out?” she asked me.
“She knew before any of this leaked” I sighed, “Max had told her”
“Wow” was all she said.
“I don’t need your bitching right now Ally. I need my sister” I sighed.
“I’m sorry” she replied, “this just didn’t seem like you, I didn’t believe it at first”
“It’s ok” I said, “have you talked to mom and dad yet?”
“They’re both furious”
“Oh joy” I said leaning back on the couch.
“You need to talk to them”
“I will call them tonight, I’ll talk to you soon”

I put my phone down and ignored any texts I received from the past little while.

*Max’s POV*

I couldn’t believe this had been leaked. I raced home to find Liz in a heap of tears. I sat next to her and she just cried in my chest. What the hell was I doing? I was ruining everything we had together. I was breaking her heart, and this media wasn’t helping. It was only a matter of time I would be bombarded with press and questions at the next post-game conference.

“I’m so sorry Liz” I told her, “I didn’t want this to happen”
“Well it did Max, and you fell in love with her, how the hell will you decide? And how are you going to face your team again?” she asked me.
“I’ll survive” I said.
“Well good luck with that, but until you make a fucking decision, you are not staying in this place with me, move out to Jordan’s, Fleury’s or go to your freaking whore, I don’t care”
“Ok, that’s it Liz, that whore is the woman I’m in love with. And for the record she’s not a whore, and she is being a lot more mature about this whole situation than you have, she has known I was married for the past four months and has not acted in any way against you. She almost told me to go back to you…”
“She sounds wonderful, maybe I should meet her” she said sarcastically.
“Ok, now you’re just being a smart ass” I said standing up.
“Well she does” she said seriously, “sounds like you two would make a good match”
“You’re unbelievable!” I said raising my voice.
“You’re the one who cheated on me, don’t start acting like the freaking victim Max! You knew this would come back and bite you in the ass!”
“I’m leaving” I said going to the bedroom. I packed what I could and shut the bedroom door behind me.
“Have a good one” I said sarcastically walking out the door. Probably for the last time.

*Julie’s POV*

I was going insane. Everything hurt right now. After this how could he not go back to her? Why would he go back to the one who caused this whole mess in the first place? I got a call from my boss, who fired me on the spot. Great, no job, no Max, my life is done.

I sat on my couch trying to avoid the media coverage on this whole scandal. But it was impossible. It was all over the place, tomorrow it would be in the papers and tabloids, I dreaded the morning when I would have to see a picture of us, the night our worlds collided. The night that would change our lives completely.


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